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Drury University: Mission, Vision, Assessment & Accreditation

Mission, Vision, Assessment & Accreditation

Program Mission & Goals

The MBA program at Drury University is committed to preparing ethical leaders for the global business community. In pursuit of this commitment, our program has the learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding a Firm’s Environment: Identifying and Attracting Resources
    Students will understand strategic partners’ micro and macro economic/regulatory/cultural environments. Students will demonstrate proficiency in budgeting and forecasting, as well as an understanding of the important human, organizational, economic, and financial dynamics of attracting and deploying resources, and of measuring and assessing outcomes.
  2. Understanding the Self and Others: Communication, Leadership, Followership, and Teamwork
    Students will be able to effectively communicate in written, oral, and non-verbal modalities—including those questions and issues required to begin the case/problem-solving process. Students will demonstrate basic capabilities related to self-understanding, including strengths, predispositions, values, and areas of vulnerability. They will progress in a lifelong study of self and others with respect to individual performance and reflected in their value as a member of a team—demonstrating the ability to lead and/or follow other members of teams to achieve appropriate outcomes.
  3. Understanding Information: Creating Data Visibility
    Students will demonstrate that they can bring informational visibility out of the sea of available information, in addition to assessing the quality of data and the degree to which particular data provides a strong basis for decision-making.
  4. Understanding Ventures: Setting Objectives; Diagnosing Obstacles; Choosing and Pursuing Opportunities
    Students will be able to apply the appropriate tools required to manage and communicate critical information in the service of setting objectives, considering obstacles through critical and creative lenses, and making and following through with decisions.

Accreditation & Assurance of Learning and Assessment 

In 2010, Drury University and the Breech School earned accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), earning, an honor that only 10% of the world’s business programs hold. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is the world’s largest accreditation association for business schools and administers the standards that indicate an accredited school’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.