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Drury University: Biology Minor

Biology Minor

The biology minor requires a minimum of 20 credit hours.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.
Co‐requisites must be taken during the same semester.

BIOL 172: Molecular Biology
3 credit hours

Prerequisite or Co-Requisite: DAY-CHEM 115 or CHEM 208 or CHEM 238. CCPS-BIOL 102.
This course examines the structure and function of nucleic acids and proteins. The molecular mechanisms of replication, transcription, mRNA processing and translation will be emphasized. In addition, regulation of these processes will be explored. Lecture and laboratory. Intended for students majoring in biology or related disciplines.

BIOL 181: Genetics
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Day-BIOL 172. CCPS-Co-requisite: BIOL 181-L. This course will apply the knowledge acquired in BIOL 172 to the inheritance patterns of genetic traits between individuals and within populations. Lecture and laboratory.

BIOL 182: Evolution
2 credit hours

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: DAY- BIOL 181. CCPS-BIOL 172. An introduction to the principles of evolutionary biology, including the history, processes and patterns of evolution as well as systematic biology.

BIOL 200: Ecology
3 credit hours

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BIOL 182.
An introduction to ecological principles, emphasizing processes and patterns within the six sub disciplines of ecology. The laboratory will integrate common field methods with experimental design and data analysis. Lecture and laboratory.

Nine (9) hours of additional coursework from Biology.

Students planning to pursue graduate studies in biology are strongly encouraged to take two semesters each of general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics.