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Drury University: Robert and Mary Cox Compass Center

Robert and Mary Cox Compass Center

The Robert and Mary Cox Compass Center offers personal and professional discovery to enrich your college experiences and shape your future. It's the foundation of Your Drury Fusion. Academic advising, career planning and mentoring will all exist under one roof. Before freshman year, you will be matched with a team of advisors. Together, you'll identify academic strengths and weakness, career aptitudes and life goals. This mentorship will continue through graduation. 

Student achievement is at the Compass Center's crux. You'll be empowered to seek and find your own true north.

What You'll Experience

Student-Centered Academic Advising

Your academic advisors will help you develop course packages, select majors and minors, and apply to graduate and professional schools. They'll also assist you in choosing certificate programs to give your degree further impact. You'll be set up to reach your goals in both your career and your life.

Career Services Support 

Drury's career advisors have strong relationships with corporate and non-profit organizations. You'll have access to robust campus career events, life-changing internships, and individualized job search assistance to find jobs that begin immediately after graduation.

Transformational Life Coaching for Vocational Discernment

You'll work closely with your Compass Center advisors to identify your strengths, weakness, skills and life passions. Beyond personality tests and career coaching, you can take advantage of a resource library allowing for self-study and analysis.